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G-Next Seat Cover For Swift Premium

G-Next Seat Cover For Swift

It is based on acupressure & magnetic treatment therapy. it is made up of high quality materials, consist of pyramid & unique magnetic points. comfortable while driving.

G-Next Leather Seat Covers Premium

G-Next Leather Seat Covers

These seat covers are aligns with beauty and comfort.long lasting products with Qaulity assurance.it's made up by high quality leather easily washable and useful in any wheather condition.

G-Next Baleno Seat Covers Premium

G-Next Baleno Seat Covers

It is manufactured current technology and superlative grade raw material extra comfortable and long lasting baleno seat cover give splendid look and extra space useful in every extreme condition.

G-Next Cotton Car Seat Cover Premium

G-Next Cotton Car Seat Cover

Back molding composite cotton filling, with strong tensile endurance PVC nonwoven cloth, . Airbag opening, hemming, Easy to install and clean.it's splendid long lasting seat cover in cotton.

G-Next Car Seat Covers Wagon R Premium

G-Next Car Seat Covers Wagon R

These seat covers are made by modern machines for perfect fitting, stitching and good finishing. it's a tear resistant, anti fungus, does not d-shape or become loose, easy to clean and maintain and gives a outstanding look to your car.

Orange Fraggi Cheer Car Freshener

Orange Fraggi Cheer Car Freshener

Orange fragance may help you to relax muscular & nervous spasms, detoxifies body by promoting urination, boosts immunity & cheerfulness.

Fraggi Lemon Car Freshener

Fraggi Lemon Car Freshener

Lemon fragrance may help you to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness and puts you in positive place by improving your cognitive performance & mood.

Grey Fraggi Raga Car Freshener

Grey Fraggi Raga Car Freshener

Raga makes you feel handsome, bringing alertness and dynamism to keep your mood under your reigns and enables your passion fulfilled throughout the day.

Fraggi Pink  Rati Grace Car Freshener

Fraggi Pink Rati Grace Car Freshener

Rati makes you feel awesome, bringing freshness, completeness bubbling throughout and there by enables you to trackle your mundane challenges with comfortable ease.

Fraggi  Blue Vibhav Grandeur Car Freshener

Fraggi Blue Vibhav Grandeur Car Freshener

Vibhav does your mood management by keeping you confident, exotic, happy, cozy and calm, leaving you all the day "well" successfully.

Amwax Air Freshner

Amwax Air Freshner

We are the renowned company for offering Air Fresheners 200ml Spray to the clients. It is prepared utilizing the optimum quality composition of the required elements in compliance with the predefined quality standards.


Accessories are like bumpers, side mirrors, seat covers, car fresheners, air fresheners, handwash, etc. Accessories help us to some little bit extra care of our automobile. We do have our luxurious automobiles but they can lose their value if you would not maintain them. These accessories help you to keep your car in top-notch condition and keep it looking good. Interior accessories are not so important but still, they can be used to make you feel comfortable in your car. For the interior, the accessories used can be car seat covers, car freshener gel, car freshener spray, air fresheners, etc. For the exterior, we need side mirrors, bumpers, window visors, car covers, etc. Automotive accessories provide us two benefits:

(A) Accessories provides your vehicle with a smart look and comfortability.

(B) It protects your vehicle from wear and tear.

 INZIN provides you with top-class automotive parts and accessories. We are the biggest car accessories manufacturer in India. We offer a wide variety of accessories of different brands of any automobile. We provide car accessories and motorbike accessories in all over India. From INZIN, you can get your car accessories online also. We have. What you Need!


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