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Petrol Engine Oil

Lubricant Engine oil consists of 80% base oil and 20% of performance additives. Automotive Engine oil is used for the lubrication of internal combustion engines. Its function is to reduce wear on moving parts and to clean the engine from sludge. Engine oil increases the performance of vehicles. INZIN is one of the leading engine oil manufacturers in Gujarat.  Inzin tops the engine oil company list. We manufacture various engine oil namely motorcycle engine oil, 4 stroke engine oil, 20w40 engine oil, 2 stroke engine oil and so on. We also provide dealerships of our various brands to compete with big brands such as valvoline engine oil, and shell engine oil for cars. We manufacture a variety of tractor engine oil and provide the best tractor engine oil price in the entire marketplace. Our engine oil grades are superior in quality and performance. We are manufacturer of one of the best engine oil for bike, cars and other automotives. We manufacture both 4t engine oil and 2t engine oil. Our 4t oil products are designed to deliver high performance and durability to the vehicle engines.


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