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Grease is a semisolid liquid. Grease is thick and oily lubricant consisting of inedible lard and the rendered fat of waste animal parts. It consists of a soap emulsified with mineral and vegetable oil. Greases possess high viscosity. Greases are applied to mechanisms that can be lubricated infrequently. Ideal grease should work well under pressure. They also work as a sealant to prevent the ingress of water and incompressible material. INZIN is a grease suppliers company in India.  We are the grease manufacturers in India. Grease lubricated bearings have more frictional characteristics due to their high viscosity. We are Automotive Grease Suppliers in Rajkot. We manufacture a huge variety of automotive grease including Lithium Grease, AP3 Grease, MP3 Grease, Aluminum Grease, Calcium Grease and many other types of greases. Our Grease Lubricants are premium in quality and our Greaser Cost is the best within the entire marketplace. We specialize in the manufacture of car grease and other vehicle grease. We provide greases in many packaging options. Our Grease 1kg Price is the most efficient among all our competitors. Inzin Automotive Marketplace Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top Lubricant Grease Manufacturers. We are one of the most promising Grease Oil Manufacturers. Our products are designed to perform better under extreme conditions and improve the performance of the automotive.


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