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Tyres & Tubes

Every model has different tyres and tubes according to the specifications. Tyres are the base on which car stands, so they should be of the best quality and powerful. An ideal tyre should have less surface area to stop immediately. The quality of tyres directly affects the mileage of the vehicle. Tubes make the inner surface smoother than ever. When a tube is fitted to any tyre, it is important that the inside of the tyre is carefully examined to ensure that there is no feature which could cause premature tube failure due to cuts or chafing. CEAT tyres and MRF tyres are easily available at INZIN. INZIN is a tyres manufacturer in India. We are also tyre suppliers in India. There are very few butyl tube manufacturers in India and INZIN is one of them. We have two-wheeler tyre, four-wheeler tyre, heavy vehicle tyre, tubeless tyre, motorcycle tubes, scooter tubes, etc as subcategories of tyres and tubes available at INZIN. We provide tyres and tubes for all brands. INZIN is a tyre tube manufacturers in India.  We are one of the top tyre supplier and tube suppliers.


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