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Axxol Lubricant

Axxol offers you a wide range of CNG Oil, Engine Oil, Grease, Transmission Oil, and Gear Oil. Axxol CNG Oil protects the engine performance and components against thermal, oxidation and rust corrosion. ATF has an extreme-pressure lubricant for highly loaded enclosed gears and bearings. The multigrade version is suitable for all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption and Good oxidation. Gear Oil lubricant containing multi-functional additives required for mild extreme pressure conditions. This is a Calcium based grease with specialty antioxidants additives.  It provides water-resistant and extreme pressure properties. Axxol provides Lubricant Distributorship in India. Automotive Lubricant, Axxol Lubricant Supplier, Lubricant Business in India, Lubricant Oil.


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