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Jeedex Lubricant

Jeedex offers lubricants, coolants, and greases of its brand. Lubricants include Gear Oil, fork Oil, Grease, Hydraulic Oil, and Cutting Oil. Coolants include Anti-Freeze Coolant and Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Greases include Multipurpose Grease, AP3 Grease, Chassis Grease, and LLR Grease. This brand is famous for its quality. All its products are very effective. All lubricants are blended with a base oil and selected anti-oxidants, anti-corrosion, and anti-foam additives. Greases of Jeedex are specially formulated by Inzin.in. Coolants of Jeedex are very efficient for their work.  Jeedex Engine Oil, Jeedex is a grease manufacturer. Coolant manufacturer, Coolant for Cars.


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