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Most of our business comes from referrals of satisfied customers. Therefore, to show our appreciation, we have developed a "Business Referral Program" which rewards you whenever you help us to get qualified leads and successful sales. The more people you refer to our company, the more rewards you get! Simply go to our contact page and email us information about who you would like to refer. If we do business with the referred we will immediately send out your commission Up to 10% of the sale value on each & every repeated sale. The same applies if a referral calls our company and tells us that you referred them. As there are many different ways to offer a referral program. Some of these include offering discounts, gift cards, product giveaways, and exclusive deals. But we offer you this, 10% of every sale. There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer! Help us to grow our business and earn as much as you can. This referral program helps us to make new contacts and to know where this kind of business grows.


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