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PetroLife 20W40 MG

Petro-Life 20W 40 is a premium quality multi-grade Engine Oil, Recommended for Light & Heavy commercial vehicles, Diesel Generators, Tractors, Jeeps, Bus, Truck and Diesel & Petrol Cars.

Multisuper 20w50

Dr Lube Multisuper- 20W50 For all type of Gasoline Engine in Passenger Cars, Taxi, XUV, Sedan and Hatchback cars.
Features It base stock incorporation world’s best new core additive package taking care of emission control system. It is specially designed for new generation engines.

Atoil Coolant

AToil SMART COOL CONCENTRATE COOLANT Specif action It has excellent heat removable capability. It is compatible to hard water. Full corrosion protection for Aluminium and solder.
OEM Approved Products JISK 2234-1994 CLASS II