Golden Auto Lubes
Golden Auto Pump Set Oil is a Premium quality Engine oil specially designed for agricultural diesel Pump set running on Diesel....More

BoostUP Pso

Benco Lubricants Gujarat
Boostup Boost the power of Pump Engine Which is best for Agriculture & Industrial use. API-CD SAE40....More

Power Plus Pumpset oil

Fasten Lubricants Greases
Fasten Power Plus PumpSet Oil (PSO) is a supreme quality modern Engine oil specially blended for agricultural and Industrial pump set engines which is operating on Diesel and Kerosene....More

Dr Lube PSO

Dr Lube
Dr Lube PSO (Pump Set oil) for naturally aspirated and supercharged diesel engines, power generating sets, agricultural pump sets etc.
It is high quality performance oil and specially formulated from...More