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Golden Auto Gear oil

Golden Auto EP-90 Heavy Duty Gear oil. EP Grade Gear oil Formulated with Top Quality Mineral Oils & Ep Based Additive. Recommended for Heavy Duty Vehicles Gear Box, Industrial Machinery Gear Box Oil, All Commercial & Personal vehicles.

Vestel Gear Oil SAE 140

VESTEL Gear Oil SAE 140 API GL-4 is a lubricating gear oil for mechanical transmissions based on high quality base oils and additives that are a balanced combination of active ingredients. Special high pressure agents and other additives offer excellent wear protection even under harsh operating conditions.

Gear Oil Super GL-5 SAE 90

TIPP-OIL Gear Super SAE 90 GL-5 is an oil for manual transmissions based on mineral oils and special additives. Optimum gear lubrication is guaranteed at high temperatures. Due to its special additives, TIPP-OIL Gear Super SAE 90 GL-5 is suitable for use in lamellar locking differentials (limited slip properties). TIPP-OIL Gear Super SAE 90 GL-5 reduces friction and prevents wear and corrosion. A stable oil film for lubrication is guaranteed even under extreme dynamic conditions.

Gold Gear Oil 80W-90

Find the Best Dealer Gold Gear Oil 80W-90 for Bike Here is More Type of Engine Oil. Best Engine Oil manufacturers Suppliers, Exporter in India

Gear Oil Super GL-5 LS 75W-90

TIPP-OIL Gear Super LS 75W-90 GL-5 is a synthetic multi-purpose gear oil for heavy-duty manual transmissions. It has been developed on the basis of synthetic base oils with a special additive and inhibition for limited slip applications. TIPP-OIL Gear Super LS 75W-90 GL-5 is designed to withstand the increased loads of manual gear oils to ensure proper gear operation.

Deff EP 90 Gear Oil

D4 DEFF EP90,This product are extreme pressure automotive gear oil, Deff Series can be used in automotive  hypoid & spiral-bevel gears operating under high speed, low torque/low speed, high torque, moderately severe load conditions.

डी 4 डेफ ईपी 9 0 यह उत्पाद चरम दबाव ऑटोमोटिव गियर तेल है, डीफ सीरीज़ मोटर वाहन हाइपॉयड और सर्पिल-बेवल गियर में उच्च गति, कम टोक़ / कम गति, उच्च टोक़, मामूली गंभीर भार की स्थिति के तहत परिचालन में उपयोग किया जा सकता है।

Blackgold Gear Oil EP-90

Blackgold Gear Oil EP-90 is an automotive gear oil formulated with special friction modifiers virgin base oils, antiwear, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives.This combination ensures smooth squak and chatter free and good protection to the gear teeth.

Gear Oil EP-90

FASTEN E-90 Gear Oil for bevel, spiral bevel & hypoid gear differentials & for oil lubricated universal joints. For rear axles of TATA Motors and Ashok Leyland vehicles. It is excellent quality gear oil made from good quality base stocks fortified with EP and anti-wear additive package.