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DECOR PSO Pump Set Engine oil

d4 Decor SAE 40 Pump set oils are blended from highly quality base oil and a combination of selective anti oxidant, anti wear and anti foam additives to meet the lubrication requirement of agriculture pump sets. DECOR Pump set oils are recommended for slow, medium and high speed diesel engines.

Super pumpset Oil

D4 Pumpset Ouil are high quality lubricating oil. These oils are treated with a large percentage of additives to impart superior detergency together with high dispersant, anti-oxidant, anticorrosion, anti-wear and anti-foam properties.

DECOR D4 Pump Set Engine Oil

DECOR Pump Set Oil is recommended for all types of Pump- Sets. The product is also suitable for other Agriculture and Farm Equipment like Tractor, Power tillers, harvesters etc.

Golden Auto Pump Set Engine Oil

Golden Auto Pump Set Oil is a Premium quality Engine oil specially designed for agricultural diesel Pump set running on Diesel.

PSO X W40 SAE-40

PSO X W40 SAE-40 are recommended for slow, medium and high speed stationary diesel engines equipped on agricultural pump sets .

Abis PSO 20W40 Oil

ABIS PSO 20W40 is heavy duty diesel engine oil. It is formulated from highly refined base stocks and selectecd additives to provide reliable protection to engine operating under various environments.